Hi. My name is Polly. I hope all rescued dogs are as lucky as I am. I originally lived on the south side of Chicago. I was abandoned and lived on the streets and slept in vacant lots and under parked cars for warmth. It was real scary. Finally I was picked up by the Animal Control officers and taken to a shelter where I lived in a cage for a month. While I was in the shelter I was spayed, but they didn’t do it right and I had to have it done again in December.

While I was at the shelter WIN came to my rescue and placed me in a foster home. The lady was very nice and had two Wheatens of her own. It was nice to play with them. She said she would find me a good home. She called a couple who had registered with WIN. They came down to meet me. I was very nervous because they had owned a Wheaten before, and I didn’t know if I’d measure up. I was just what they were looking for, and went home with them that day. I finally was getting a forever home.

I go to school, and my teacher says I’ve improved so much, she can’t believe I’m the same dog. I want to become a therapy dog and visit sick children.

I am so grateful to WIN and all they did to give me a home where they’ll love me forever.

Continuation, April 2018

I did become a therapy dog. I passed all obedience classes, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dogs International. I visited young adults with special needs. They just loved me and looked forward to my visit. I would always sit under one young woman’s chair. She had autism, but I was persistent. After six months she finally agreed to walk me around the gym. That made me so happy. Then we moved to NJ. We visited a young man with special needs. I did a “Dog Walk for Cancer” in a baseball stadium. My mom and I won a trophy for Musical Sits and Downs. It was musical chairs using placemats on the ground. I was very proud.

This past Fall I wasn’t eating as much as I used to. I didn’t have much appetite. My mom and dad took me to many doctors to find out what was wrong. I kept losing weight. The doctors decided I needed an operation. Since I was in a weakened state from the weight loss, I had a really tough time and became very weak. I let my parents know it was time for me to say good-bye and I crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I hope another Wheaten will be lucky enough to go live with them to lighten their spirits. They will love you unconditionally.