WIN got a call from a rescue group in Quincy, Illinois in January 2009. The kill shelter called a no kill shelter telling then they found a shaggy dog and thought it was a sheepdog. Turns out that sheep dog was a Wheaten. He was all skin and bones and we don’t know how he survived December 2008, as the Midwest was a in a deep freeze – solid ice. After about a week in the no kill shelter, another breed rescue group brought Quinn to us in a parking lot in Schaumburg IL. It would have broken your heart to see how thin he was, but he was full of spirit and adjusted well to the comforts of home.

A few weeks later, Andrea and Todd Miller were chosen to adopt Quinn (short for Quincy where he came from). It was Andrea’s birthday and she requested nothing for herself, but wanted her husband to spend the money at PETCO for Quinn’s needs. I think he bought out half the store…they had everything you could think of waiting for him. Quinn was happiest with a large over stuffed chair in the living room with a large picture window to look out. That’s all he needed. He claimed this chair from day one! Andrea was hoping to put the chair on the curb, as she never liked it, but I don’t think she minds now that her best furry friend is occupying that chair.

“Quinn has been the best addition to our family, and he his just that: our baby! He makes us laugh constantly, from the second HE wakes us up in the morning to go outside or just play until he cuddles up with us when we go to bed. He has the just has the best nature and is the sweetest dog we have ever known, and everyone that meets him agrees! He is always the talk of the neighborhood, especially when he takes him mom for a walk! (It is a sight, believe me!) We were incredibly blessed to have Quinn come into our life. It was meant to be, especially when he came to us for the first time and jumped right into “his” chair! Thank you WIN!” -Todd and Andrea Miller