When my husband Alan and I got ready to move into our first house, our search for our future dog began. I had grown up with a beagle who was my best friend as a child, and couldn’t imagine a home without a dog! Alan had dog allergies, and had never been able to live with a dog before, but that was not going to stop us.

After a lot of research, we got our hearts set on a Wheaten. We went to a dog show in Fort Worth, where we met Gwen and her wonderful dogs. One big kiss from her wheaten and I was in love! She told us about WIN, and we put in our application to adopt.

Just when we thought we’d never be able to find a doggie that would work with Alan’s allergies, God blessed us with TWO in one week! We rescued Reggie, a wheaten mix, from another rescue organization, and the very next day, Gwen called to let us know she had a Wheaten for us in Dallas! Our prayer was answered double!

We met Reaggen at his family’s home – he was fortunate in that they took very good care of him, and loved him enough to find a new home for him when their lives got too busy for a dog. He was VERY friendly, and loved Reggie too. Our family was finally complete.