My partner and I have been talking about dogs a lot lately. We have always owned cats (primarily because I am a cat lover and have had cats for many years). We decided that we would buy a puppy once we retired (in 10 – 15 years) so that we could spend lots of time with it–we weren’t quite sure which breed but had narrowed it down to either standard poodles or Wheatens. We are lucky in that there are many dogs in our residential development (purebred and mixed breeds) and we could observe and get to know them without having to own them. Several of our neighbors own Wheatens and we fell in love with the one across the street, Dylan. We learned all about the unique nature of Wheatens and really felt a connection to Dylan and the other Wheatens we met. But, we knew that we could not have a puppy at this time. But, just when you make other plans, life happens.

Several weeks ago, Holly Craig, who owns several Wheatens and is very involved in Wheaten Rescue, had a third one with her and told us that he was a rescue dog and she was looking for a good home for him. Riley was 2 1/2 years old and well-trained–he let us pet him and walk him and responded very well to us. It was love at first sight! I almost could not bring myself to pet him because I knew I would fall in love.

Well, guess what? Riley is now in our home and is doing very well. We comb him and brush him every night (he absolutely loves to be groomed) and we walk him several times per day. Every day we thank Holly (sometimes silently) for bringing him into our lives because we have been truly blessed. Additionally Holly has been a godsend to us, answering all of our questions. We cannot wait to come home from work every day and spend time with him.

He is absolutely perfect in every way and adopting him is probably one of the best decisions we could have made. I could go on and on…but I think everyone understands what I am trying to say.

Donna Marie, Cynthia, & Riley