In search of my second wheaten, I came across a listing on the petfinder website for a 6 year old male wheaten, Riley, located in Pennsylvania. Riley was listed as being quite dog aggressive and territorial according to his previous owner.

After emailing his owner and finding out more information, I contacted Jan Griffith who was handling the adoption of Riley through WIN. I had wanted to find an older male wheaten suitable with living with my 1 year old wheaten Kayla Rose. Kayla was quite energetic as a puppy and I thought she would enjoy a companion. Not sure if Riley would be suitable with living with Kayla, I found out that his owners of the first 6 years of his life wanted to get rid of him for other reasons. In late July, I drove to Cleveland with my Kayla to meet Riley through Jan. Riley and Kayla instantly sniffed and were friends! Riley did not show any aggressive behavior towards her. During the car ride home, Riley and Kayla enjoyed many ice cubes together through their crates!

After a trip to the vet, a teeth cleaning, and lots of food to bring him up to weight, Riley has settled in quite nicely. Currently, Riley and Kayla live happily together. He is such a great dog in every way. I could not imagine life without him! He and Kayla enjoy chasing each other around the house, playing tug-a-war, squeaky toys, and competing to see who can bark louder when the door bell rings on the T.V.! His favorite place to lay is nestled on his spoiled-rotten dog bed located right next to the Christmas tree. He is very content and happy with his forever home.

I would like to thank Jan, Gwen, and WIN for enabling me to adopt Riley.

Best Regards,
Holly Schuberg