My name is Riley. I am a 25 pound Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I originally lived in Missouri with a younger family that did not have the time needed to take care of both a Wheaten a new baby. Because I was a bit spoiled for my first two years of life, I lacked some basic obedience and manners, and my family decided to find me a new family. After several weeks of planning, my mommy put me on a plane to New Jersey to live with the Marzos. My new mommy and daddy, Jocelyn and Mike, picked me up at Newark Airport after my 3 hour journey. I greeted them with Wheaten kisses from the start. I think my new mommy was crying. The ride home was not fun for my new mom and dad, I hate car rides!

I met my two crazy siblings, Bailey and Sophie Marzo. Bailey’s a Wheaten only much fatter than me and Sophie is a really tall Airedale. Sophie and I became instant playmates. I noticed that my brother and sister did things I refused to do. Our mom and dad made them sit and stay to have their feet wiped–but I refused. I took a few nips at their fingers but they did not get the hint, and they kept trying. Soon enough my mom and dad from Jersey figured out that I had this real itchy infection all over my body and in between my toes. My mom drove (real fast) to the doctors office the following morning. Couple of pills later, I felt much better!

With my health in order, next on the to do list was training. My dad worked with me for five weeks. I learned how to sit, stay, heal, lay down, and walk like a gentleman. I started to fit right in around the Marzo house. I slept on my mommy’s legs every night. I sat on the top of the couch and stared outside for hours. And, I loved playtime with Sophie. But, the phone rang and Gwen told daddy that she may have a family for ME. Mommy cried and cried, but when she met the McGraths she knew that it was a perfect match. Mark and Sarah McGrath came to visit me in New Jersey. I liked them a lot. Two weeks later, mommy and daddy Marzo drove me to my new home in the Big Apple. Now–I go to work with my new mommy, Sarah, a few times a week. When I am home, I sit and People watch from a second floor apartment window. When we go out, I play with all kinds of dogs at the dog runs.

Once again, I am Riley, and I am home in NYC!