We lost our dog, Tucker Robert, in August 2014. We were heartbroken because he died so suddenly and young. As we grieved, we begin we began to realize that we needed another dog. We knew we wanted a rescue and a Wheaten.

After searching shelters with no luck I put in an application with “Wheatens In Need”. That was on a Wednesday evening and Friday morning I received a call from Gwen Arthur. There was a sweet girl that lived very close to us and would we be interested. She had her foster mom, Karen White, send he pictures of Rosie. Karen explained that Rosie came from a puppy mill in Iowa, sold to a pet store in Frisco, then sold to a family. She was incontinent so the family took her back to the store only to learn that the outcome for her wouldn’t be good. Thank goodness the family took her back home and put in her a garage sale. WIN found out about her and rescued her. Karen brought Rosie to meet us and what a personality! It didn’t take us long to decide that Rosie was the dog for us. Karen was so gracious helping us adopt her. She had Rosie for seven months in her care and had so much love for her.

She has healed our hearts, and filled our lives with joy. We laugh at her and with her all the time because she can do the funniest things. She never meets a stranger, loves to watch TV, runs in the house and in the backyard, is a picky eater, and loves to tear up her toys leaving stuffing everywhere, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are enjoying loving and spoiling her. We want to thank Wheatens In Need, Gwen Arthur and Karen White for entrusting us with Rosie.

Linda H