This is the tale of Roxie (poem)

A darling wee girl

Who found herself

In a Wheaten WURL.

Evelyn took her in

To stay for a while

As the rest of us plotted

To WURL her in style.

She took her to South Bend

From her Illinois home

Where Janice met them

And to Toledo did roam.

And Carol missed dinner

So Roxie might

Be safe and warm

In a bed for the night.

Mike met them in Cleveland

And he traveled East

To take her to Pittsburgh

For sleep and a feast.

When she got to the ‘burgh

She stayed overnight

With Terry and Jan

And left at first light.

They traveled to Carlisle

Where they met Sue and Bill

And gave them sweet Roxie

One more leg to fulfill.

From Allentown, Maggie

Her new mommy, brought her

Clear to New Jersey

To be her new daughter

Thus ends the story

Of this darling wee girl

WIN made her life better

With one Wheaten WURL

Members involved were: Evelyn DeLaCruz, Janice Wilcox, Carol Gibbs, Mike Slepian, Jan & Terry Griffith, Sue and Bill Curzi, and new mom Maggie Granados