Sarah and Austin


A call to W.I.N. Rescue started Austin & Sarah’s trip to New Mexico.

Austin, a 4 ½ year old male Wheaten, is a true Irish Poet; sensitive, reflective, tender and passionate. His eyes tell a thousand stories and his heart leads him to new adventures. He is loyal, affectionate and steadfast.

Sarah is a 3 year old female Wheaten. She is a combination of Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Ethel Merman. She is a brassy, bold, boisterous and funny girl with a heart of gold. She is always ready to play, get hugs and give wheaten kisses and to smile when she gets a treat.

Together with their new friend Milo, a sassy male Chihuahua cross, the three are enjoying long walks in the New Mexico desert and afternoon naps together.

Thanks to their former owners for caring enough about them to call W.I.N. Rescue and many thanks to Gwen Arthur for finding them a great new home, Ours!!

Richard, John, Milo, Austin & Sarah