My name is Seamus A., and WIN helped me to find my forever home.

I was born on the East Coast in August of 2002. I probably was born in a puppy mill, and was sold to my first family by a “broker” when I was very young. I should not have been taken from my mother and litter mates as early as I was, but it happened.

The family who bought me did not know anything about taking care of a wee little puppy. The boy and mom wanted me at the beginning, but the dad did not want a dog. The mom was very anxious about me and took me to the vet several times every week during the first two months I lived with them because she had no idea what to expect from a pup. I sensed her fear and nervousness and got nervous and scared too because she was. The People were told to take me to puppy obedience school so I could start learning my manners, but they never did.

I got bigger and was full of normal puppy energy, fun and mischief. I was never taught what was OK and not OK to do and the People did not like my behavior. So they put me in the basement by myself. I got more nervous and started to compulsively lick and chew my paws and be noisy. I did not want to be all by myself!! I was lonesome and scared. I was all alone. I was only 6 months old.

The family decided to get rid of me, and I went to two different homes. Both times the families did not keep me because I played too rough with the children and did not know manners. So I had 3 homes in the first 8 months of my life. I was sad when all these families sent me away.

WIN took me in, and through WIN my new “mom” found me and adopted me. I flew in an airplane from the East to Minnesota when I was 9 months old. I have a Wheaten “sister,” MollyMae, who was rescued from her first family too. MollyMae and I play and play and have good times chasing squirrels – we never catch any, though. (Mom is glad we don’t.) I have gone to obedience school and learned some manners – but I still am full of fun and have lots of energy to burn off. I have good stuff to eat, lots of toys and chew bones, my own crate, a Wheatie sister, and a “humom” who loves me. I stopped licking and chewing my feet months ago. I know that I am in my forever home and I don’t have to worry about being homeless again.

Thank you for reading my story.
Love from Seamus