An update on Seamus, formerly Buster:

Hi Gwen, I’m sorry I haven’t written to you sooner but life has been hectic for me. I have been thinking of you and wanted you to know about Seamus (Alias Buster). Seamus is the most wonderful dog I have come in contact with. He is loving, very funny and rambunctious at times. He is not a barker which I appreciate, is terrific with our belongings but is overly friendly when meeting new People which I’m sure will all fall in to place as he gets older. Gwen, I just wanted to say “Thank you, thank you” for giving us the opportunity to have the MOST WONDERFUL dog ever. Seamus is very, very happy as we shower much love and affection on him. He is walked every morning and has a long walk every evening and has fun with Sarah jumping about in the back yard. Thank you. You are an angel because I wanted a Wheaten so bad and he is far more than I could ever imagine.

Mary O’Rourke LeCates