The following was written by Nancy Margand of Lexington, VA, who was fostering Shandy, but then decided to make her a permanent addition:

After 8 months under my foster care, we decided to adopt Shandy ourselves and make her a permanent addition!

She is an 18 month old Wheaten with a playful, happy and patient temperament, though she was born with bladder problems making her incontinent. Her original owners kept her in their kitchen and gave her to WIN when surgical repairs were unsuccessful.

We have built in/outdoor shelters so that Shandy can spend a good part of the day outside, and only needs to be diapered when inside in the evenings, or are on cold days. She is no longer living in the kitchen, and has free run of the house and even sleeps in the bedroom with the rest of the family, as close to big brother, Thatch (4yr old SCWT) as he’ll allow.

She loves chasing leaves, running figure 8’s around the yard, and reminding her brother that he needs to play more— 18hrs a day, if possible.

Nancy, Thatch, and Shandy