We were a three Wheaten household (all being rescues), but then the inevitable happened and our eldest died, 12 years old but still far too young. After a few weeks I contacted WIN to see if there was a suitable dog available. It wasn’t that we were looking for a replacement, but the dynamic of our household was now different, we had lost some energy. I know 3 can be a handful and is not always recommended but I have the time and the commitment so we knew that we had a place for another Wheaten.

It must have been fate for within 10 minutes of sending off an application for adoption to WIN I was contacted about Spencer.

Spencer is a lean and rangy but very handsome 7 year old Wheaten who was looking for a home after being surrendered due to inappropriate behavior towards his previous family’s cats.

WIN and I talked about Spencer, and I must say I was a little wary of his reported high prey-instinct history and how Spencer would react with our youngest Wheaten, Lincoln, who is totally deaf, very clumsy and doesn’t really speak dog (having been rescued from a very neglectful situation). But ultimately I knew that if things did not work out, and I would hate to do it, WIN would take Spencer back. So one Sunday I drove 4 hours to pick Spencer up from his foster mom, who herself had driven a considerable distance to meet me half way.

Spencer is now in his forever home. There were a couple of days of friction between Spencer and Minnie, our 10 year old Wheaten, who initially watched and stalked him as if she thought he was going to walk off with the family silver. But soon she and Spencer were coexist very well, not exactly best friends forever but no issues. Whereas Spencer and Lincoln are a joy to behold. I’m so impressed with how Spencer plays with Lincoln, and any other doggie visitor up for a play. Spencer plays to his opponent/playmate’s level in energy and ability, at heart he is very considerate and gentle. It is also as if he has taken on the big brother role for Lincoln.

Of course things were not perfect. We had to learn to move food away from the kitchen counter edges as Spencer has a considerable reach. Walking can get to be fun. I have to get it organized so that when one dog is lifting his leg the others are not choosing that moment to sniff out the exact same spot. And then of course there is the sleeping arrangements. Normally it is Minnie on the bed and Spencer and Lincoln in their respective doggie beds. But occasionally madness descends and you spend the first part of the night removing one of the boys from the bed only to find the other curled up in the spot you just vacated, and so it goes on until you all collapse in exhaustion in a tangle of dogs.

Spencer is now very much in our hearts and a genuine part of the family and we are looking forward to many years of joy for him and ourselves.