I received a phone call from a Wheaten owner in CT about a friend of hers who had a 14 mos. old female that had started fighting with the 10 yr old female Golden in the house. The scuffles were over food and were escalating. The final straw was the day after Thanksgiving and Tara lost this battle.

Tara was delivered to me two days later with bite wounds covering a good part of her body and no coat. She was an incredibly active little girl who suffers from submissive urination. She did well with my two but pestered Reilly to the point that he would run and hide from her.

Through the “L” I found a couple in Pittsburgh who was interested in adopting a Wheaten. Terri and I started e-mailing back and forth. I told her about Tara and the type of house she had to live in and what needed to be done to eliminate the submissive urination. Tara and Sasha were willing to give it a go so in early December I drove from CT to PA to meet them halfway and introduce them to Tara.

It was love at first sight! Tara is now happily ensconced in a great home with two People who are incredibly patient and loving. Sasha had trained dolphins so he started working with Tara on clicker training. Terri got Tara into a strict routine in order to stop the submissive urination. This unwanted Wheaten now has the best life; long walks even on the coldest of days, two People who love her unconditionally and a chance to grow into a mature and well-behaved little girl. Thank you Terri and Sasha for opening your hearts and home to Tara.

Holly Craig