On Christmas Eve, 2002, I got a telephone call from WIN that they had rescued what might be the perfect fit for my family. Wow, were they right! WIN asked if I would be willing to do a “foster to adopt” for an older Wheaten who just might fit my needs. I immediately said “YES.” Now, it’s time to tell everyone how wonderful I think WIN is and how grateful I am to have been allowed to formally adopt Tory.

I had been looking for another dog for nearly a year, with no success. My “first” dog, Corky has special needs — he’s an epileptic Welsh Terrier (age 4). Corky is on lots of medication, and the Neurologists are taking a holistic approach to his seizures. They suggested an older companion dog might be “just what the doctor ordered” to balance his stress with activity. (A puppy was out of the question).

I’m a terrier person, but also need a no or low shed dog. I also couldn’t take on another dog with severe medical problems. A good fit was not going to be easy to find. Most Welsh are too energetic and scrappy. A Wheaten was one of the breeds recommended by the Neurologist and Corky’s breeder. I’ve “known” several Wheaties and just loved their personalities. So, I set out to find a Wheatie.

Severely neglected and possibly abused, Tory was filthy, matted, had abscesses and broken teeth. At rescue, she was shaved and her sores cleaned and nursed. Tory was WURLed to me, and we met in Cleveland. She leaped into my arms and began licking my entire face…for me, it was love at first lick! She is wonderful, loving and I can’t imagine how anyone ever hurt or neglected her. We are we are working through her fears…loud noise, abandonment, men in uniform or ski caps. Her sores are healed and her hair is now growing. Most important, she is part of my heart and I can tell that I’m part of hers.

Corky loves her, too, and is helping her trust and adjust to her new home. She has chews, toys, and a pillow bed for the living room and a night-time bed. All clearly new to her. Tory and Corky play tug, chase, and even curl up and nap together. They already are inseparable, and it’s only been two months since Tory became part of our family.

During a recent bout of seizures (6 in 24 hours), Tory laid by his side during each seizure. It was as if she was helping me and comforting him. She was not afraid or scared. She just seemed concerned. Following the seizures, Tory didn’t try to play, waiting, instead, for Corky to recuperate. I love her all the more because of how she reacted — and I didn’t think that was possible. She is the perfect big sister for Corky!

I feel truly blessed to have Tory in my life, and can’t thank WIN enough for rescuing her and WURLing her to me. Thanks to your wonderful work, Tory, Corky and I all “WIN.”

Tory Update

Tory (aka Penelope) has really blossomed in the six months since she came to live with Corky and me. Her sores have healed, she had ACL surgery, and a 3+ inch Hawthorne bush needle was removed from her throat (explaining the lump in her neck at rescue). Now, her fur has grown out into an almost Wheatie coat. She’s full of life, fun and energy. She’s starting more and more to trust People (besides me), and she is SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!!! I think she’s lovin’ life in the ‘Burgh and Corky and I love her. I can’t thank WIN enough!