Tucker joined our family on April1, 1999. I was originally going to be adopting Truman from Judy Stork or the next available wheaten that would fit into our family (I have 2 cats and 2 children, ages 10 & 12). However, fate introduced Tucker into our lives. On March 15, 1999 I had to put Bailey, my wheaten of almost 15 years, to sleep as she was not eating or drinking and going into kidney failure. Putting her to sleep and staying with her while she got the shot was definitely the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life. However, from the moment I got home I began my search for another wheaten.

I checked many Internet sites on a daily basis and was in frequent contact with Jocelyn Marzo and Gwen Arthur. On Monday, March 29th I spotted a wheaten listed for adoption on one of the Internet lists. His family was relocating and couldn’t take him along. They were located in Akron, Ohio which is less than an hour away from myself in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I called this family and learned about Tucker.

I discovered that Tucker had lead a very difficult life. His history is very sketchy. He was initially found being thrown out of a car in Cleveland, Ohio. The family that found him couldn’t keep him and gave him to some friends or relatives who had a farm in Akron, Ohio. He lived on this farm for awhile, but the family already had many animals. So, he was adopted by the family in Akron who placed the ad.

After talking with the family I called Jocelyn Marzo. Jocelyn called the family and talked with them for quite awhile. She was able to persuade them to let me visit Tucker and possibly adopt/foster him. We arranged for us to come on Thursday evening, April 1st.

By Thursday, the family was reluctant to give up Tucker. But, I persuaded them to let us come out and see him. Well, one minute in the house with Tucker and my children and parents were in love. He was the cutest, most loveable wheaten we’d ever seen. His tail was not cropped, and looked absolutely adorable long. The family was not ready to let him go, but were going on vacation for 10 days to visit their new city. I offered to dog sit Tucker while they were gone. They were thrilled as they said they’d never seen Tucker so happy with People other than them. So, off we went with Tucker, his food and biscuits, his ball, his stuffed dog, his bed and his leash.

Tucker was immediately happy in our home. He loved the fenced-in yard. The cats were fascinating and he loved the children and attention. I spent many hours talking and writing to Jocelyn & Mike Marzo and Gwen Arthur about how we could keep Tucker. It was apparent that though he was physically well cared for, he was emotionally deprived. He didn’t even know how to play with a ball. He was fed Purina Dog Chow once a day with an occasional biscuit. Nothing else!! Well, it didn’t take long for me to introduce him to carrots, ice cubes, hamburgers, chicken, etc…. It was so rewarding to watch him thrive in his new, fun and stimulating environment.

I was a nervous wreck on Sunday, April 12thwaiting for his family to call and say they were coming to get him. They didn’t call until 7 p.m., and by then I was exhausted from worrying all day. After a short discussion the mother announced that they decided that Tucker would be better off in our home!!!!! Needless to say, we had a major celebration that night. The next day we took Tucker to Pet Supplies Plus, bought him some toys and Nutro food. With the guidance of the Marzo’s and Sally Reuser from Nutro I was able to switch Tucker to the Nutro food with a minimum of side effects.

He has now been with us almost a month and I can’t imagine life without him. He has settled down tremendously, but still follows me from room to room (which I love). He no longer barks at every school bus and truck that passes by, and he waits at the front door everyday for the kids to get off the school bus. When the cats want, Tucker chases them around the house, otherwise, he leaves them alone (except to occasionally lick one of them). Tucker sleeps either on my bed or right along side it. He is fed a mixture of Nutro canned and dry twice a day, gets 2-3 long walks a day, and many car rides!!!! Tucker knows he is loved and is an integral part of our family. We look forward to sharing many fun and loving years with him!!

Carol Lewicki