Willie’s owners contacted WIN directly. They had moved from Florida to a senior citizen condo community in New Jersey to be near their grandchildren. Dogs were allowed in the condos but several People had complained about Willie and his barking. Willie’s owners felt that Willie, who had been with them since he was 8 weeks old, had to be re-homed.

Willie came to stay with us for several weeks while we looked for a good match for him. One application caught our eye, it was from Liz and Ray in NY. We had met them and their Wheaten, Rosie, at a Wheaten picnic the previous year. Rosie was doted on by both Ray and Liz. Here’s Liz’s story about adopting Willie.

Last January, we adopted Willie through WIN. We wanted a playmate for our female wheaten, Rosie; and we wanted to help a wheaten in need (pun intended). What an adventure we had to go get Willie in PA!

On the drive back to NY we stayed a half a step ahead of a BIG snow storm. Shortly after we got home, we took the dogs on a nice walk in the snow! It took Willie a while to adjust to our home, but the wait was worth it. Willie & Rosie are great pals and we love Willie’s wheaten greeting’s, frequent kisses, and loving puppy dog brown eyes.

Willie does have anxiety issues (loud noises, doorbells & certain strangers), which we are working on with him (this will be a life long effort). He just graduated from basic obedience class, and we have just started a more advanced class. Willie enjoys going to class and doing “homework” for cheese! We were fortunate enough to get Willie’s vet records & family tree information. I did some checking and found out that Rosie & Willie share three common ancestors several generations back. How cool is that?! People often stop us on the street and ask if they are twins!!