March, 2009

Wilson (aka Sidney) is on his way to his forever home via a side trip to Raleigh to overnight in the “Garage Mahal Suite” tonight. Wilson is a puppy mill rescue that has spent the first 8 years of his life in a cage. He has been fostered by Gail K in Alabama since right after Christmas. He is going to be placed with Rochelle and Bobby in Bluffton, SC. They have had experience with dealing with fearful, nervous rescues in the past, having owned two rescue Airedales and now Gus, an 11 year old Wheaten. They decided to adopt Gus a buddy, and Wilson has been very good with Gail’s dogs and we feel that he needs to be in a home with another Wheaten so that he can continue to learn how to “BE” a Wheaten.

Here is the first photo of Wilson on his journey, leaving Alabama, with Pat Q. Her car is too small to transport Wilson in his crate, so he is seatbelted in the backseat, and looks as if he is ready for the long journey ahead, doesn’t he? Pat drove all the way to Alabama Friday, using the excuse to visit her granddaughter and to specifically pick up Wilson. She will hopefully arrive early evening today, after a long 9 hour drive. Pat is awesome!

July 2014

Update from his mom, Rochelle:

Here are some photos of our WIN rescue Wilson (Sydney) He came to us at 8 years old, after living his entire life in a cage at a puppy mill……he as just turned 13 years young . While he continues to be a work in progress he has come further then we ever thought possible! He is a joy to have as part of our family! Wilson loves sailing, spending time with his WIN sister Millie and going to work at the dance studio. Don’t ever give up on puppy mill dogs…..it just take a lot of time, patience and TLC. The reward is worth the work!!

Thanks WIN for all you do!