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Hello Gwen,

​I am thrilled to be able to adopt Greta. She is so sweet and pure love! I have had 3 Wheatens. Greta is my second dog from WIN. I adopted Regis a year and a half ago. He was 10.5 at the time. He was the sweetest, most gentle soul. He just passed last month (tumor on his spleen). He touched so many lives, and brought joy to everyone he met. I am looking forward to being Greta’s Mom, as her mother/owner just passed away.

​I am so grateful to Rob Horgan as he was instrumental in bring both of these fur babies into my life. His devotion and love for this breed is just beautiful. Rob stayed in contact with me when we found out Regis was sick. His support and kindness is something I will never forgot. Rob Hnat is another wonderful soul, who at moments notice, went and pickup and fostered both Regis and Greta.

​Wheatens in Need Rescue is such an amazing group of caring, loving volunteers. Thank you, Gwen, for all you do! Your devotion and love have brought so much love and joy to so many families. Wheatens are such a special breed. Thank you again for Greta. My house feels like a home again with this sweet girl in it.


Maureen Carr